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      Melanie Tarr    
Certified Angel Intuitive  |  Holistic Life Coach  |  Reiki Master & Teacher
Offering 1-on-1 Sessions, group classes, and ongoing mentorship! 
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Clear Clairs

Evolving and ascending every day...

Dear Reader,

     When I began Dear Spirit back in 2015 it was just a Facebook page.  I was so excited to create a platform for sharing divinely inspired messages, angelic channelings, Reiki and all kinds of energetic support.  Through the years I worked multiple jobs as I built my practice and had the privilege of serving the local community of both seekers and practitioners for 4 years at Hidden Gem before leaving to focus more on services and less on retail.  During that time a journey that began in 2005 reached a new milestone when I officially became a certified Holistic Life Coach, allowing me to build upon my background in psychology.  Although I still answer questions about smudging and crystals, my favorite thing is helping people find the best modality and practitioner for them.


On December 4th, 2021, Woogle officially launched with the dynamic Jessica DiNatale Leone at the helm.  From the beginning she invited me to cofacilitate weekly lives and events where the other Partners and I shared the journey with a community of 1,200 beautiful souls online.  I am beyond grateful for the network of talented colleagues and friends with whom I still collaborate!  I invest my time in healing journeys for myself and others, supporting and empowering my clients' personal and spiritual development--not just for the intuitive parts of us, but the tangible as well.  In an effort to help people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia I participated in a study at Yale representing high-functioning clairaudients to gather more information about how the brain responds to intuition (and you can read the study here). 

     The Universal energies are inviting us to upgrade left and right and we have been cultivating more and more offerings to help people who are struggling with "runaway" gifts, unexpected emotions, life changes, feelings of being ungrounded, tackling shadow work and more...  I am still here, whether you are wrestling with change or grief, healing your inner-child, or looking for a mentor to help you integrate your intuitive gifts.  I'm here even if you're just trying to decipher all the angel numbers you keep getting when you ask for help! 


     I am currently seeing clients by phone or Zoom AND in person at my office in the center of Wallingford.  If you're curious but unsure, you can book a FREE discovery call with me to ask questions and talk about your options or you can check out a Sunday Morning guided meditation to meet me in person. 


It's a privilege to hold space for you,

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