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Melanie Tarr    
Certified Angel Intuitive, Holistic Life Coach, & Reiki Master
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There are many different kinds of healing modalities being offered these days.  When it comes to your destiny all paths lead to ascension- but some feel more magical than others! 

If you're having trouble navigating the choices in front of you it may help to connect with your spiritual support system.  


Your spirit guides, guardian angels, and the archangels are always ready to help you as much as you permit them. Just ask!  (And then allow yourself to receive.)  All roads will eventually lead back to opportunities for healing- but some meander more than others.  It can help to have support while brainstorming options, reframing your story and gaining perspective.  How may I support you today?

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Topics include...








Life Purpose




Removing Obstacles

Golden Crystals
Swimming Fish



 Fine-Tuning Your   Spiritual Practice




 Integration & Alignment





 Balancing Emotions



Rubik's Cube

Finding Your Path






Healing the Energetic Effects of Trauma 






Reiki & Energy Work

Intuitive guidance and energy work are not, nor are they intended to be, a substitute for licensed mental health or medical care. 

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