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Oracle Card Readings

Similar to traditional readings, I use oracle cards and my intuitive gifts to channel messages from Spirit.  Designed to help you realign with your path, each reading is customized to give you the insight that will help you the most- whether the topic is work, family, relationships, or life-purpose questions.  Appointments can be scheduled for video-chat platforms such as Zoom.

Holistic Coaching

More intensive than a reading, coaching sessions have a targeted focus and contain an abundance of tools for self-development and healing.  Sessions are customized to help you reclaim your power from trauma or complex life issue.  Clients are walked through self-awareness and healing, and supported in setting--and reaching new goals.  Though it is not a substitute for licensed mental healthcare from a therapist, coaching introduces new solutions and provides ongoing support as you release inherited patters of resistance or lack. It is intended to reconnect you to yourself and your divine help while offering spiritual perspective on any issues you're currently working through. Unlike a standard reading, this is a chance for you to talk through your concerns and create an open dialogue between you and your angelic team and aspects of your higher wisdom or inner self to receive insight and clarity to move forward.

Reiki/Energy Work

We are energetic beings made up of more than our physical bodies, yet our bodies are energy, too.  Reiki is an age-old method of energetic channeling with clear intent and benevolence.  In these non-touch therapeutic sessions (either remotely or within a relaxing and meditative space) I apply traditional Usui Reiki methods to clear away the energetic imprints of outgrown patterns and toxic relationships.  My role as a Reiki practitioner is to help clear away all that no longer serves you, leaving higher frequencies, divine love, and healing energies in its place.  By clearing and realigning our energetic bodies we make room for the good feelings and abundant living we desire most. Remember, Health is your natural state of being.

Topics include...








Life Purpose




Removing Obstacles

Golden Crystals
Swimming Fish



 Fine-Tuning Your   Spiritual Practice




 Integration & Alignment





 Balancing Emotions



Rubik's Cube

Finding Your Path






Healing the Energetic Effects of Trauma 






Reiki & Energy Work

Intuitive guidance and energy work are not, nor are they intended to be, a substitute for licensed mental health or medical care. 

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