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“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton


Welcome to my page!

The bio part of this is usually the most challenging for me. 

I keep rewriting it but the basic story is the same.  Awkward! 

When I was growing up I honestly thought that everyone was aware of how loved they are.  I genuinely thought everybody could hear, see, feel or know the divine love around them!  I perceived the light of  Archangel Michael, angels and everyone's personal spirit guides- and all the elementals in between, and I was confident that everyone had the ability to receive their wisdom and guidance!  I never talked about it because I assumed everyone was aware of their presence.  It wasn't until I was 15 years old that I realized my world view wasn't entirely accurate.  On that day a message was delivered that prevented someone else from getting hurt.  The message was sent to more than just me... but no one else openly acknowledged it.  I was consciously aware of direct contact from other dimensions but on that day I realized that, though worthy of it, other people often weren't.

Suddenly my experience seemed so different from everyone else's.  That epiphany taught me that magic can move mountains if we let it in and align our free will with it. I STILL believe that everyone has the ability to connect to the Universe's unconditional love for them--it's just that now I realize we all need assistance now and then.

Moment by moment I kept answering the highest calling I was able to hear, but I struggled to find joy in being myself in a world full of others' interpretations and expectations.  The consequences of not listening to my spiritual truth seemed so much higher, yet some days I could only perceive my own emotional need. Though I battled in 'the walk between worlds' I studied human development and meditation, and tried to find safety within my spirit.  I learned about mental health, and sought out spiritual practices knowing that it had something to do with my life purpose. In 2003 I discovered the book "Healing with the Angels" by Doreen Virtue and suddenly I didn't feel so alone.  It's amazing how a straight road can feel so curvy when you're on it!  I kept seeking until I found teachers along the way, started practicing Reiki, and eventually went back to school to get my degree in psychology before pursuing certification as a Holistic Life Coach. I'm still learning every day and I've been blessed to share it with all of you by teaching my own content, channeling messages, and helping other clairaudients find their peace.  My journey has brought me from churches to sweat lodges, from Kenya to Maui, and all the way back to my hometown to realize the dream of community

Thank you for for letting me share with you!


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