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Melanie Tarr    
Certified Angel Intuitive, Holistic Life Coach, & Reiki Master
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Welcome to the Year of the Wood Dragon! 2024 is going to be filled with transformational (and sometimes unexpected) changes!  I've curated these events and services to make the most of these supportive energies.  Find one that feels good to you so you can be supported in being even more empowered and self-loving this year.

Me, the Moon, and the Dragon : A vision board, meditation, and candle crafting workshop inspired by the Lunar New Year!

Vritra Vinyasa : A yoga event for integrating the energies of the new year with crystals and more + an aura spray to bring home with you!

Customized Coaching : 1:1 support full of insight, clarity & renewal!

Oracle Card Readings/Angelic Channeling : Connecting with your guides and spiritual support to realign with your best next steps!

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