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We All Have Moments Like That

Walking with a good friend today reminded me how beautiful it is to enjoy the moment with someone who understands. So often I overlook the joy of sharing the simple things with others. It takes courage to be true to oneself and to acknowledge that joy is a huge part of every soul's life purpose... it is meant to be a part of our experience and there is magic in sharing it. We all wait for the chance to break out of our shells--even for a moment! And when we do the light of our bliss reminds us of our True Selves.
Talking with my friend today reminded me of this poem I wrote back in 2013 when a tiny bit of light shone through a crack in my shell.
Thank you, Brianna. It feels so good to be seen.

Let me walk even to the edge of doubt and beyond. Let me walk through walls of stone and not stop. Lead me from this land of drought, to tops of waterfalls safe and alone. To drink in my own reflection until

I drown in the heavens inside of me. Leave me to pretend that I can be still— as if a breeze that does not blow can be! To sit and wait for the right moment is like another version of death— or birth; the pause before a first breath or first kiss. In that moment I am shown my own worth. I find myself where I have always been; here, impatiently waiting to be seen.


Untitled Sonnet by Melanie Tarr

Published in Breakwater, 2013

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